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Jeremy Monroe

Using Hashtags

1 min read

Organize with Hashtags

Every content type in Known supports hashtags. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a hashtag is a word or phrase that begins with a pound sign (#). They were made popular by Twitter and can be seen on other popular social networks, like Facebook and Instagram.

Adding a pound sign to the beginning of a word - like - creates a linked word or topic that can be used to search and organize content on your site.

Every content type within Known supports hashtags. You can add hashtags anywhere in the text field, and it will be recognized and linked when you publish the content. Be sure and include a space between each hashtag. Once you’ve added hashtags to your content, clicking the link for a hashtag will return a stream of all content that includes that hashtag, whether it’s a post, a picture, an update, or something else.

Chapter 8 of the guide Getting Started with Known

John Evdemon

Adding support for microblogging?

1 min read

How difficult would it be to add support for microblogging?  This would result in a page where all posts/status updates/etc appeared under the date on which they occurred.

See here for an example.  This page contains several posts that were made throughout the day of 11/15.  

Perhaps this feature already exists in Known and I haven't been able to find it?


Jeremy Monroe


Jeremy Monroe

Where is all the knowledge we lost with information? -- T.S. Eliot

Jeremy Monroe

Juan Lopez

Ricardo Mendes

Hello there ! i would love to have a discussion with other participants regarding how to best structure the content on this blog with the use of , the goal is to be able to find stuff here easy and maybe structure the menu with a list of the ongoing hashtags/topics used by the members ?

Jeremy Monroe

Support The Platform

Let's keep the community growing. Known is the place to be for independent publishers and authors.

Jeremy Monroe

Hello everyone! I've registered this domain so others can join and we can build a community around Known like we've talked about in the past via Google groups. Hope we can all use the platform to learn, share, and further our knowledge regarding the Known platform. Thanks for joining!